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Yorkies picture of a couple of my beautiful champions. I've been involved with dogs since 1974 and have many Yorkshire Terrier Champions including numerous Specialty winners. Of absolute importance is pretty type, silk coats, soundness, outgoing temperament, with good health on all Goldenray kids.

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Character Traits:
Yorkies are incredibly smart. In fact one of the most intelligent purebred dogs there are. When people ask the drawbacks of them, I always tell them that sometimes a Yorkie is too smart for their own good. I love those traits and characteristics and think its what sets them apart from other breeds. I can sit there and watch these guys think, usually about what can be gotten into that is only a little bit bad and will not get them in too much trouble. They do keep me laughing. They're also capable of learning most of the English language rather than just learning certain words. Well bred dogs make a great companion for kids and adults both. Being very eager to please their owners and pretty much adapt to whatever the owner expects of them, which might be laying on the owner's lap all day or playing and fetching ball with the kids or following along at your side as you do things around the house or yard. Being independent in personality and able to think for themselves rather than docilely going along, which makes them not only interesting but a fun companion as a pet. I don't think you can find more devoted and loving companions for the whole family.

Yorkies actually make excellent watchdogs. A well bred companion is not yappy but will let you know if someone is around their house and are actually quite good at it. Most tend to get along with other types of pets including with cats as a rule since they are an easy going temperament. Do not turn them loose outside without a fence to confine them in, or a leash to protect them from dangers, as their curiousity will get the best of them. You just never know when they will see something and give chase. They are very much a big dog attitude in a little package and seem to ignore the little part. If you are looking for AKC Yorkies for sale be armed with as much Information as possible.

Puppies YorkiesYorkie Puppies for sale information to help with your research on purchasing Yorkshire Terrier puppies. It's important in your search to deal with a reputable person. Everything you need to know is available here.

Training Yorkies Helpful Tips:
Can be fun for the whole family. I highly recommend Obedience school or Agility classes. The bond that forms between you is wonderful and at the same time will be some of the best training you can give your companion. No matter what kind of pet you have the benefits from some formal training is wonderful and your pet actually enjoys the special time with their owners and being out with others. You might be surprised how much fun you would have with Obedience and Agility training. They are trained by love, so if you have plenty of that and plenty of patience than this is the breed for you. They will be extremely devoted to an owner that loves them in return.

Some of my beautiful Yorkshire Terrier Champions
Watch Quent in rocker and his show career at Yorkie Boys

Yorkie information resources page you'll find information about health concerns, genetics and other information tips you'll need. Owning an animal is a big responsibility. These are toy dogs so they can't be left outside all day. You have to keep in mind the expense of owning an animal. You'll have the extra for food but also their vet expenses. To have a nice healthy pet, you need to deal with yearly checkups, vaccinations, and in most homes periodic teeth cleaning. There's tips here about puppy teeth, keeping in mind that youngsters are still teething and chewing on things since their mouths and gums are sore. All of these things need to factor into your decision.

Toy Dog Description:
The Standard is the ideal of what your Yorkie should look like in all it's glorious shades of blue and gold. When looking for your new addition, the standard is what you want yours to represent and is what you fell in love with in the first place. They are a Toy size dog and do not come in varieties like Teacup. Way too often you will be dealing with health issues on the tiny ones that's not only heartbreaking but very expensive long term, and require tremendous amounts of extra care. They are sweet innocents and deserve the best care possible and you want to deal with somene that will continue being there for you and your questions.


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Grooming Yorkies:
Is not difficult to do Yorkie Grooming if you have a true silk coat. These are easy for the pet owner to take care of, whether you want to keep it long or short in a cute cut, and tangles are at a minimum on good silk coats. The very fuzzy one is not a proper coat and will be very difficult trying to keep mats from forming in the coat. The odd colors you see being offered are completely incorrect color wise but also aren't the proper easy care silk coats. You want what is correct, the beautiful blue and gold, instead of mismarked colors. For those of you that love to look at pictures, you'll find plenty on my site and these give you a good idea of what to expect in temperament and how easy going a well bred dog is. A well bred dog makes a wonderful pet.

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