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The main thing to keep in mind about all the mix breeds calling themselves Morkies, Yorktese, Yorkiepoo or mix or any other such names is that these are just that - a mix breed. Just one more dog or one more litter adding to the over population problem and the problem with so many dogs being euthanized each year.

Genetically the Yorkshire Terrier does NOT carry the piebald gene, which is what is needed for the large amounts of white coloring on any breed. The only way that gene could come into existance is for breedings to have occurred somewhere along the line with Maltese or Shih Tzu. My personal theory is that both are great possibilities.

The important issue we want to look at here is the SS which includes a description ot the Spotting gene. The information below is taken from Malcolm Willis' "Genetics of the Dog" The genetic makeup for the YT is:


S Self colour to totally pigmented surface si Irish spotting involving a few definite areas of white sp Piebald spotting sw Extreme-white piebald

Most breeds without white markings are SS but from time to time markings do appear and in general appear on toes, chest or chin. These marks can be present at birth and are lost during infancy. The ones that persist are not other s alleles but the minus modifiers at the S allele and will be limited to those minute amounts in those locations.

Irish spotting is also limited to certain areas of the body as the dominant S is, ruling out either gene in the makeup of the Parti, Tri Colors or Biewers. Limited to forehead, chest, belly, feet and tail tip.

Piebald shows much larger amounts of white on the dogs then the Irish spotting gene.

Extreme-white piebald is seen in those breeds which are white in color. As a result of this double carrier of swsw all other colors can be suppressed. (From Malcolm Willis "Genetics of the Dog")

So in essense, to have the white markings that are on the so called Parti, Tri Color or Biewer dogs, another breed had to have been in the mixture at some point. Since no one wants to admit this and in all honesty, it could be back far enough that no one is living any longer to admit to it, but unlikely that it is not much closer up. After some study of the current Biewer situation, which is somewhat the same situation, I've found they have both the Piebald gene and the Extreme-White Piebald gene. Some of the Biewer's are going almost solid white, which gives and indication of a couple different breeds.

Per Malcolm Willis' "Genetics of the Dog" When you read the genetic study of the Maltese, they have the Extreme-White Piebald gene.

Even though the genetic studies were not conducted on Shih Tzu, it is quite apparent that they are carrying the Piebald gene. Either or both could figure into the equation. The ones going white are heavy on the Extreme-White Piebald and the ones keeping color on the backs are of the Piebald inheritance. Either way, the mix wherever it happend, by accident or plan, this is NO longer a purebred.

In over 30 years of being involved in the sport and many champions, I have not had a single one with white. I find it interesting that the only ones coming up now are the ones not bred by show exhibitors. A show exhibitor was getting them and had enough sense to realize there was more behind her breeding and somebody had obviously done a breeding that was not pure YT. Otherwise the show exhibitors are not getting these white colored dogs.

Linda Bush a show exhibitor of many champions was able to provide invaluable information on the show exhibitor and pedigrees which concludes who the culprit dog was in the past that started the Parti, Tri Color Biewer in the US.

This is a wonderful breed, but breeds are controlled by standards and that is the way it should be. To be protected by breedings that can harm the breed. It has been posted publicly that there are inherent problems in these white colored dogs and a lot are not living past 7 or 8 years of age. This is also not a problem with Yorkshire Terriers. That genetic disorder has been brought into the breed they have created, with whatever other breed/breeds they have in their background. In doing research I have found that numerous breeds with white do have associated health issues.

It also is noted by some on websites of these breeders of parti's that you can NOT get parti's from 2 regular YT. Well then how did they get them in the 1st place? Supposedly they got them from 2 Yorkies. Yet this proves a contradiction itself. They acknowledge all Parties go back to a certain English dog. The one show exhibitor in the US that also was getting parti colorss had breeding from the same kennel in England.

At this point I think the most important issue to look at is the fact that the YT only carries the SS gene, not the piebald gene which is needed for the white coloring.

Article printed 1999
by author

Parti Yorkie Tri Color Biewer Pup
Pictured here a Parti Yorkie Tri Color Biewer puppy.

If I personally had a Parti-Colored Yorkie, as a reputable breeder I would immediately spay/neuter the dog as the dog does not genetically represent a true Yorkie in breed type. Do not be misled by breeder's selling these dogs. They are not what a Yorkie should be and do not look like Yorkies, but more like a Maltese and maybe Shih Tzu. Beware!

Don't be misled that someday the Parti Yorkie will be shown with AKC. This is not happening. It's much like the white German Shepherd. AKC registers off colored dogs, including the Parti color Yorkie, but they can NOT be shown. AKC is only a registration body. YTCA holds the Yorkshire Terrier standard and will not allow the Parti Yorkie to be shown and that is not going to change. The Biewer's can NEVER be shown or registered with AKC as they are not registered with an organization acceptable in the US. So the papers with that organization can never be transferred to AKC. The Parti Yorkie and Biewer can NEVER become another breed with AKC either unless they acknowledge they are a combination of atleast 3 breeds. That information is right on AKC's website on Foundation Stock Service. When you work to create a new breed, it takes atleast 3 breeds to be involved in the makeup of that breed and of course they would have their own name. The Biewer's are working now with AKC to be included with their FSS.

Recent DNA breed identification tests have shown the Biewer is indeed a mix of more than just Yorkie. The Biewer Club is admitting this and is working for breed recognition of their own with their own heritage. The Biewer from Germany and the origination of the Parti Yorkie in the US are both from the same original stock in England. Genetically this could end up with no other answer since it was not possible for the white in a purebred Yorkie of the original creation as my article from many years ago stated above. A long time ago it started and has continued all this time.


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