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Yorkshire Terrier photos over the years. Having been in this breed for so many years, I've been fortunate to get some great Yorkie fun photos of the kids as have others that have been sent to me. If you have a dog, all I can say is you need to keep your camera very handy and close by so you can grab it quickly for those action shots that can be quite common with dogs. Someone is always saying they wish they'd had their camera handy. That's aways the story so try to keep it nearby. Something always comes up that you wish you had it. They seem to really like their photos taken also and can be quite the hams when they see you get it, so you don't even have to do anything but let them be themselves. Actually the ones sitting and behaving are the hard ones to get a good photo of most of the time. Remember any photos you take of your dogs can be used on your Christmas cards and any other type of cards you want to make, so there are other advantages to random photos. Here are just a few cute photos from years past.

Yorkie Boat Wraps

Yorkies Playing

Yorkies Playing

They can be a lot of fun to own. They love to play and tend to stay very young acting most of their lives. That's one of the things people always remark to me on is that their dog didn't act old until close to the end of their lives. They're a great little dog with well behaved kids and if your kid wants to play they are usually all for it. Look for a normal to large size Yorkie to be able to sustain the hard playing of a child. I've known of many that they're best friends and the kid and dog tend to have a very special relationship and teaches the child a lot about the love of animals.

Playing Games with the Yorkshire Terriers is a lot of fun whether it's with a real one or having fun otherwise. Memory Concentration is fun trying to remember exactly where each dog is and matching that dog picture up with the matching one some where else in the game. You will also be timed so you can keep track of how long it takes for each game and see if your memory gets any better as you play many more times. It is addictive I will warn you about that now. It also keeps your mind sharp. You'll enjoy the Tic Tac Toe, but she's good so you better be on your toes or she'll beat you. Don't forget the Checkers, another one that they are hard to beat. You really have to think about those moves as this system has been built with beating you in to it's system and it's not easy to win. So take your time with your moves or you are bound to lose. These are up for you to have a few fun hours of fun and enjoyment to pass the time. Why bother playing regular old types when you can have more fun with the dogs and they're definitely more pleasant to look at than a plain old board and pieces.

Yorkie Tic Tac Toe Memory Checkers You will be the Yorkshire Terriers playing
with the Brussels Griffon

YorkieTic Tac Toe

Match up the pictures of Yorkshire Terriers
Yorkie Memory Concentration

You will be the Yorkshire Terriers
against the Brussels Griffon

Yorkie Checkers

Games Yorkies like to play:
Don't forget to play some of the real games with your real dogs. It's something they enjoy immensely and never tire of, no matter their age. They tend to act young most of their lives and although they are really good about entertaining themselves, they do enjoy that special time their owners devote to just them. It's always nice to just cuddle them and show them love, but these are fun loving little dogs and a game challenges them and they love a walk around the neighborhood visiting with others. They love anything you make into a game for them as you can see with the piano playing.

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