Coughs and Trachea Conditions of Yorkies
Yorkie Reverse Sneezing

Coughs and Trachea Conditions can occur for a variety of reasons, some of which can be very serious and others that are signs of an underlying problem. Heart disease can and does cause coughing, allergies, trachea problems and even reverse sneezing. Whatever the reason, the reason needs to be diagnosed so appropriate care can be given to your dog as soon as possible.

Trachea Collaspe in Yorkies

Yorkie Trachea collapse is the name given to a disease where the rigid structure of the trachea becomes weakened or totally collapses. Internal or external pressure can cause the collapse during activity, causing the dog not to be able to breathe normally. A chronic honking cough is common with this condition and requires immediate veterinarian help. Regular coughing is NOT a trachea collapse. You can not miss the true honk of a collapse. This is an extremely serious condition and dogs can die very quickly if in a total collapse as they can not get any air. If you suspect this problem get your dog to the vet immediately. There are surgeries available for a trachea collapse but I would advise you to research this thoroughly for information on the most current long term results. There are times when the dog may just have a narrow trachea making it a little harder to breathe when excited but with narrow tracheas they should not have the true honking associated with a collapse.

Reverse Sneezing

Not nearly as bad as a honk from a Trachea collapse. Usually seen after the dog was excited. Usually just picking them up and calming them down and gently rubbing their throat will stop this. It can be the result of irritation of the nasal passages, often with dust. It usually does not indicate any type of disease.

Kennel cough

A dog with kennel cough also known as tracheobronchitis, normally has a dry cough but seems to feel fine otherwise. Cases usually last for about two weeks, but there are frequent bouts of coughing. If you have other dogs you need to try and isolate the one with kennel cough to avoid infecting the other dogs, although most likely the others have also picked up the problem before you saw the first signs. Watch their temperature to make sure it is normal and make sure they rest, and a vet visit might be needed for something for the cough if it's too severe.

Kennel cough in puppies and toy breeds have to also be watched because the throat irritation can have a thick mucous that can cause pneumonia. These cases need to be watched much more closely for the secondary infection.


Allergies to just about anything can be as common in dogs as it is in people.

Cortisone shots will make the dog feel better immediately, but it's best to find the problem and cure if at all possible. Allergy shots are available for your dog also if you would like to go that route. I know of a dog of another breed that the shots were immensely helpful with it's host of problems and even her skin problems improved drastically.

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