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Yorkie Grooming Haircuts

Grooming Yorkshire Terriers:
It's not difficult, the most important instructions is keeping the coat from matting in the first place which means keeping it brushed and clean. Grooming properly means bathing the dog weekly. Their hair is much like humans with single coats, no undercoat. Although Yorkies do not have dog odor they can eventually get a dirty hair smell just like people can so you must keep your Yorkie groomed and bathed, making sure to brush clear to the skin to prevent any mats forming in your Yorkies coat.

I start the process by fully bathing the dog with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. You can use a good pet product or human product. Just make sure that you do follow up with a conditioner. Make sure you are rinsing out every bit of the shampoo and conditioner when done. A good rule of thumb is to rinse twice as long as you spent shampooing. At bath time it's a good time to also brush their teeth. Brushing teeth regularly will reduce professional teeth cleaning by the vet and help maintain better health on the dog.

I blow the coat dry with a hairdryer. A hand held one is fine. Once the dog is dry you can add the bow, unless you want to keep your dog in one of the haircuts. Yorkie haircut styles are a matter of how much hair you want left on the dog. You will start clipping wherever you want the coat short. How to groom or doing haircuts is really not a difficult task and I feel everyone can do this on their own. It just takes practice and you'll find you get better the more you do it. I do offer a grooming booklet for haircuts and you are welcome to contact me about purchase.

Normally I only trim the topknot in front of the skull above the eyes, but have given an occasional one a rounded look on their face, since some people do like that. Normally I leave the beard long. Do be sure you are not trimming any hair below the eyes, as this will grow back so fast that it is poking them in the eyes. Trim with the scissors, the hair on the front, back and sides of the ears about 1/3 to 1/2 way down the ear, whichever you prefer, or use a small clipper to shave the backside of the ears. You can buy a man's mustache trimmer that does the job well. On a male you may want to trim a little hair in front of the sheath for cleanliness.

Use a pin brush for grooming. I use the handpainted brushes with small ball tips as it won't hurt the skin and at the same time pulls any small loose tufts of hair out of the coat that can later mat.

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Yorkie Grooming Haircuts booklet I print here, helps with grooming and doing your own haircuts. Also handpainted Yorkie brushes by me and handmade show bows. Contact me for purchase.

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