Taping Yorkshire Terrier
Ears To Stand Erect

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Taping Yorkie Ears

Erect ears of the Yorkie should be up not laying flat on the head. If your dog has ears that are laying flat or semi-erect than you can tape the ears to get them to stand up. Keep in mind that there are ears so large or that has too heavy of a ear leather that they will never come up and stay up.

Taping Yorkie Ears

You can use masking tape on the ears. Trim the hair off the front, back and edges of the ears before you put them in tape. Make sure the ears are clean 1st by using a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean them. I use 2 inch masking tape. You take the ear and hold it erect and run the tape around the ear into a flattish circle as shown above.

Taping Yorkshire Terrier Ears

The above example shows the ear in tape. The outline inside shows the shape of the ear. Proceed with the other ear in the same manner.

Taping Yorkshire Terrier Ears

Once you have both ears taped separately, I then run a support between the two to keep them totally erect. I use a piece of masking tape 1 inch wide for this. I just run the piece of tape around the two ears from back to clear around the front, taping it against itself in the middle between the two ears.

Taping Yorkshire Terrier Ears

The above example is what you should have when finished. Both ears are completely covered with masking tape.

Do not leave on for longer than one week. At that time take the tape off by sliding a small pair of scissors up behind the tape from the back of the ears and carefully cutting the tape up the back. Gently pull it away from the ears. Clean well with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Let the ears stay most of the day without tape. Put them back in tape within 24 hours. Even if standing upright for the 1st time, put them back in tape for atleast one more week. Make sure that you are trimming all hair off the ears, back, front and edges until the ears are up and standing on their own without any wobbling.

You must keep their ears trimmed or eventually the ears will go down again, even as an adult. Their ears trimmed look better and helps to keep them up allowing the cartilage to gain strength. Also with the ears erect your dog won't be so prone to ear infections since they are open to fresh air.

Yorkie Puppy
Lovely example of erect ears and excellent ear set.
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