Yorkie Puppies
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Yorkie Puppies

Yorkie Puppies for sale and What to look for:
Yorkie puppies should have a happy and friendly personality. At a young age they should still be black and tan although you should see a small amount of the gold changing. You want the sparser coat for ease of care, not the thick heavy one. Avoid the heavy thick coats that make their face look fluffy. The silk coat is easy to take care of, the very fuzzy one is not a proper coat and will be very difficult trying to keep mats from forming in the coat. Be sure to avoid the odd colors as you want the proper blue and gold, instead of mismarked colors. Young puppies will usually not have broken their blue color yet.

Check the stomach area to make sure there are no bulges indicating a hernia. Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale ads makes it difficult in today's market to know what kind of person you are dealing with. Basically you are relying on the integrity of the person and if they are not showing their dogs, they are doing this for other reasons. Choose your puppies wisely. Reputable exhibitors do not advertise Yorkie Puppies for sale on websites like online pet stores. You must contact good breeders for availability.

Yorkie puppies care tips:
When bringing your new puppy home it is mostly about providing love, security, patience, food and water, and a potty training area. When coming home with the puppy you need to have a small area ready that it can start it's life in at your home that will make it feel safe and secure. This can be a small room or a dog pen that it can be confined in when you are not able to keep an eye on it. The puppy will consider this it's safe haven. The most important thing to remember is the puppy has no idea what is happening in it's world. You need to gain it's trust with love and patience, remembering it's a baby and it takes time for training.
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You need to make sure that it is eating enough food and drinking water, which should be based on the schedule you were given from the person you obtained it from, and should be kept on the same food it has been on in it's former home. I never with hold water from an adult or puppy, unless it's the night before a surgery. You want to try to keep as many things the same as possible, to help reduce the stress the puppy is already going through with a new owner and new home, and even more so being away from it's siblings. Patience and love are the most important things you can provide. You'll find Yorkshire Terrier puppy pictures here to give you an idea of what to look for in their looks as you do your search.

AKC Breeder of Merit AwardAKC Breeder of Merit Award presented to Goldenray to acknowledge the dedication for years of work and devotion. Reputable Breeders Ethics means responsibly breeding only the best and showing your dogs. For the best quality pet choose reputable breeder exhibitors you trust for your Yorkie Puppies.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies need to be on a good dry dog food, not only is it balanced for their needs, but the dry kibble helps reduce tartar on the teeth. My dogs love to eat raw or plain cooked vegetables like sweet potatoes and baby carrots or cooked green beans also and these are wonderful as a small addition to their diets. I use frozen vegetables, not the canned. They love bites of fruit, but keep all of these things in moderation. People wonder why their puppy isn't hungry. Well it's been eating snacks all day and they are full, so just one little bite of snacks for their treats. They do not need any additional meat. Their protein is more than adequate in their dry foods. You are not doing them any favors by adding meat to their diets which increases their protein intake to a high level which is not good for them. Watch your new puppy closely for Hypoglycemia since it can happen with a puppy being stressed in a new home or not eating properly. I always like mine to have nice fat round little tummies which tells me they are eating plenty.

Yorkie Puppies for sale Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale Yorkie Puppies for sale
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Spaying and neutering:
Needs to be taken care of if hasn't been already, atleast by 6 to 8 months of age. Research has shown for many years the benefits of spaying and neutering your puppy to prevent later health issues associated with not altering. If altering at that age, you can have any retained puppy teeth pulled at the same time, which you want to do or they overcrowd the mouth and will cause problems with tartar forming and can result later in premature loss of permanent teeth. If the puppy has already been altered, I generally allow them until around 18 months to see if the puppy teeth are going to fall out on their own.

Yorkie PuppiesYorkshire Terrier puppies live a long life so make sure you are getting the one you want rather than settle for less. Inheritance is extremely important for good temperament, the other being raised with someone that understands exactly what puppies are suppose to be going through at what ages is critical to make sure that cute puppy grows up to become a well adjusted adult. Reputable exhibitors will not place their babies in new homes until 3 months of age or later. You will be sharing your life with the puppy and you want one that ends up happy, calm and acts normal. If looking for AKC Yorkie puppies for sale in Ohio or elsewhere, give me a call and I'll help you and answer any questions.

Health Care:
It's very important to do yearly health checkups which can help determine if the dog's overall health appears good. Your vet should check over your dog completely doing a thorough physical, including looking at eyes, ears and teeth for any possible problems. This is money well spent to insure you are doing everything possible for your dog's overall health and happiness. The vaccination protocol has changed a great deal in recent years. Hopefully the puppy came with atleast 2 of it's series of vaccinations. You can find the most recent canine vaccination protocol by typing such on the internet and that will give you something to discuss with your vet and what you want to do. Check your state or vet on the rabies requirements also. Start them at home while young with brushing their teeth. It's very important to keep them in good shape to prevent later health problems caused by the bacteria in the mouth.

A puppy is still sleeping quite a bit. They are not up all day long like people are even when they are adults. Remember they age much quicker then us with their years so they are sleeping a lot more then us in every given day. This is typical of dogs and cats both. They adjust their time clocks for their working owners so they can be awake most of the time you are home and sleep most of the time you are gone. Puppies are not difficult to groom if you have a proper silk coat and you can read more about it here at Grooming Yorkies. You want to keep them bathed and brushed so mats do not form, keeping ears and feet trimmed, and brushing teeth.

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